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Warzone: how to unlock the AN-94

Now that the AN-94 is no longer part of the Warzone Battle Pass, here's how to unlock it.

Looking to unlock the AN-94 in Warzone Pacific? Here's all you need to know. With each new season of Call of Duty Warzone the previously new guns are taken out of the Battle Pass, meaning there are new requirements for unlocking them. The AN-94 took season 5 by storm, proving itself to be one of the best assault rifles in the game, but with the arrival of a new season it's a little harder to get hold of. If you didn't unlock it as part of the Battle Pass, fret not! In this guide we'll detail how to unlock the AN-94, and give you some tips on the best way to do so.

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How to unlock the AN-94 in Warzone

Now that the AN-94 is no longer in the Battle Pass you'll need to complete a specific challenge to unlock it if you haven't already. The challenge tasks you with getting 2 hipfire kills using an assault rifle, in seven different matches. As challenges go, this is pretty do-able, so we'll go into some tips on completing it below.

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Best way to get two hipfire kills using an assault rifle in seven different matches

If you're looking to pick up the AN-94 (it's one of the best guns in Warzone) you'll nee to get 2 hipfire kills using an assault rifle, in seven different matches. As usual, it's a lot easier to complete this challenge in multiplayer, given that you can respawn and get many chances at doing it per game. If you have a copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and therefore additional multiplayer modes, head into either Shipment, Rust, or Broadcast. These are maps that favour close-quarter combat, so you'll rack up kills in no time. I recommend either using the M4A1, or the Grau, as these are great at bagging hipfire kills. Consider adding a 12-gauge underbarrell attachment, as kills with this equipped will count as a hipfire assault rifle kill.

If you only have Warzone, your best bet is to head into one of the limited-time modes. Mini-royale, Kingslayer and Armored Royale will all give you more chances to get hipfire kills than a standard Battle Royale game, especially Kingslayer. You can also consider heading to a subway station to bag some easy kills on unsuspecting players.

Now you've unlocked the news marksman rifle, check out our guide for the Best AN-94 Warzone loadout to find out how to make the most of it. Or check out our Warzone perks guide if you want to mix things up a little.

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