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Wasteland 3's next patch lets you collect all the cats in Colorado

Have your cat in the hat and also another cat and maybe a third cat too

Apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 3 is headed on down to Steeltown this summer for its first story expansion, but before that it's getting a very important update. Upcoming patch 1.4.0 will introduce a kennel to keep all your furry, fanged, and flying party members in. Hopefully they all get along. Oh, and you aren't limited to one of a type of creature either. Tame every single cat in Colorado if you dare.

"Right now, animal companions don’t hang around if you dismiss them, but with the Kennel they’ll have a home they automatically return to," Inxile say. "That lets you build up a cadre of canines and cats, and pick and choose as you need." Even if the human they're assigned to dies, your precious pals will head back to the kennel after a fight, they say.

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Also the parrot has gotten a buff, which is an uncommon series of words even in video games. Polly now have a new "demoralize" ability that has them shouting obscenities at enemies. You can get a preview of that over in Inxile's post. It's not particularly safe for work, in case that wasn't clear.

According to RPS's Wasteland 3 review, this turn-based shooty RPG is extremely okay, but not great. Brendy's review lets on that the branching story quests were nice but the combat was a bit same-y. He wasn't terribly impressed with the hurmor either, citing this same very sweary parrot as an example of its unrelenting juvenile jokes.

Even if the parrot is on probation, the rest of the animals are nice, right? I hope the rest of the animals are nice. Even in a just okay RPG, animal companion updates are always welcome.

As for other patch 1.4.0 updates, Inxile have also outlined changes to Wasteland 3's crafting system that they have planned.

Patch 1.4.0 is expected "the next couple weeks," Inxile say. Their Battle of Steeltown expansion launches on June 3rd.

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