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Wasteland 3's new co-op trailer is playing sides and stealing clothes

You've got a friend in me

It's dangerous out there, dontcha know? Better to go through Wasteland 3 with company, I reckon. Ahead of next week's launch, a new trailer for InXile's frozen apocalypse invites you to bring a buddy along for the ride. Mind, you mind want to make sure they're a real pal before they stab you in the back, make friends with all your enemies, and swap your power armour for pyjamas.

Mind, it might be worth the hassle to bring an extra gun through the wasteland.

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The long-overdue sequel to 2014 revival Wasteland 2, InXile's threequel brings the RPG up north to the fascist crime lords and Ronald Reagen death-cults of Colorado. Thankfully, you don't need to deal with all that nonsense alone - Wasteland 3 will let you jump in with a pal, creating a joint save file so you can both pick up where you left off whenever you like.

Another human teammate is always a welcome addition, but it also appears that having a friend in your world should open up some entirely new doors. According to a developer blog post, this includes handing in quests to two opposing factions at once, reaping the spoils of war without having to go all-in on one side.

But while InXile stress this isn't a PvP game, there are also ways to mess with your real-world comrade. You can still make choices independent of each other, changing the state of the world while your pal is off shooting bandits. The post mentions the option of "spreading rumors" about your partner, too, while the trailer hints at childish pranks including the ability to nick the other player's clothes.

Wasteland 3's release also seems to have snuck up on us. The post-apocalyptic RPG is launching on Steam and the Windows Store next Friday, August 28th for £55/€60/$60. It'll also be available on Game Pass at launch.

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