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Wasteland 3's next DLC stars radiation-worshipping cults

Cult Of The Holy Detonation is set to release in October

InXile have announced the next expansion for Wasteland 3 will arrive on October 5th, inviting players into a battle between two rival cults. Cult Of The Holy Detonation will take players to a new area in Colorado where some heavily irradiated people are worshiping some sort of nuclear experiment. You'd think people wouldn't worship something that was poisoning them, but hey ho, that's their problem... Well, actually this DLC makes it your problem, so uh, good luck with that.

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During Xbox's Gamescom stream, a developer explains that the DLC is set in Cheyenne Mountain, a military complex hidden in the mountains. When you reach level 16, you'll get to visit this base to secure it, except when you arrive, two cults are at war there.

They're each trying to take control of a pre-war experiment they call the "holy detonation", which they worship (a bit like the weirdos in Fallout 3's Megaton who worship the undetonated bomb). But you pretty much get to decide what happens with it. From the sounds of things, the cultists are already mutated from all the radiation the thing emits, so surely you can't make things much worse for them.

The devs say the expansion is designed to be more like a dungeon crawler, with less focus on combat and more on completing objectives. There'll be new characters, enemies, weapons, armour and all that good stuff too.

Our Wasteland 3 review says it's a pretty "middling" game, a decent-ish RPG with humour that doesn't always hit the mark. Maybe some occult action will improve things - we'll find out when the Cult Of The Holy Detonation comes out on October 5th on Steam, GOG, Xbox and PlayStation.

The expansion's release coincides with a new version of Wasteland 3 too, the Colorado Collection. It comes with the base game as well as the first DLC The Battle Of Steeltown, and Cult Of The Holy Detonation.

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