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Wasteland 3 is out now, InXile's latest post-apocalyptic RPG

Time for a lovely roam around the freezing cold wastes of Colorado

InXile Entertainment's latest adventure in the post-apocalyptic lands of the USA, Wasteland 3, came out today, bringing with it a big bizarre statue of a robo-Ronald Reagan. The RPG will have you fill the boots of a lone Ranger, tasked with reestablishing society in the wastes of Colorado. It's a bit like old school Fallout, what with being a story-driven RPG full of turn-based tactical shoot-outs. It's worth noting that the original Wasteland inspired the original Fallout games, which have in-turn inspired the new Wasteland games. Ah, the circle of life.

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In Wasteland 3 you'll meet all sorts of weird and wonderful individuals, including members of a death-cult that worship the aforementioned Reagan statue. You won't have to deal with those oddballs by yourself, though, because the game also has co-op. You can create a joint save file with a friend so you can both pick up where you left off the last time you played. The game even lets both players do things like hand in missions to opposing factions at the same time to grab both rewards. Sneaky and efficient. There's no PvP though, so don't get any ideas about grabbing all those rewards for yourself.

Reviews for Wasteland 3 seem pretty mixed. It sounds like the sort of game long-time fans of the series might enjoy, but those looking to try Wasteland for the first time could find it, well, not so great.

"It should be commended for its sheer heft, its days-long bulkiness no doubt welcome in the face of our own ongoing apocalypse," Brendy writes in his Wasteland 3 review. "But that doesn’t make its writing any less puerile, nor its combat any less uninspired."

Well then. If you're not put off by Brendy there, you can find Wasteland 3 on Steam, GOG and the Microsoft Store, priced at £55/€60/$60. Or you can give it a go on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Reagan's everywhere these days, popping up in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War too.

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