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Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Vid Takes Us Shopping

Those Crocs look fab

When Ubi announced Watch Dogs 2 [official site] at E3, they promised a lot more hacktivist goodness as we assumed the role of Marcus Holloway, a Dedsec member set on sticking it to The Man with the help of his smart phone and legions of social media followers.

Ubisoft's Colin Graham walked us through 20 minutes of Watch Dogs 2 gameplay this week, giving us a nice look at the game's various hacktivities, driving mechanics, and other fun features. Oh, and we got to go on a shopping trip. Here, take a look yourself!

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Much like in the original Watch Dogs, Marcus uses his phone to hack vehicles and unsuspecting passersby. Players will be able to choose from common to more contextual hacks that depend on your target, giving you a few different ways to pursue a target. They've also thrown in a "Net Hack view" that lets you see where you might want to hack next. It's kind of like Detective Mode in the Arkham games, or Geralt's Witcher Sense.

Graham next took us on a ride around the Bay Area. After listening to player feedback, they say the sequel's driving has been much improved. The development team has gone as far as to collaborate with Ubisoft Reflections (Driver), who takes video game driving very, very seriously. Players will need to be able to cruise smoothly around San Francisco's steep hills and narrow streets.

Speaking of San Francisco, the city looks lovely, and has been recreated in some detail. Graham takes us on a shopping spree at Pier 39, where he shows off the game's customization options. You can shop to create a look that works for you with dozens of clothing and accessory options. Once you're all decked out, you'll want to take a selfie to develop your ~*social media brand*~ to gain followers that are key in moving you forward in the game's story.

Ubisoft showed a little of Watch Dogs 2's multiplayer modes back in August, but this latest video gives us more of a taste for the Bounty Hunter mode, a sort of PVP event that sics three other online players on your trail as you're dogged by the police in a pursuit. Of course, whether or not you're tagged with a bounty is dependent on your play style and how often you pick fights with the cops.

Watch Dogs 2 is out on November 15.

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