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Hack Other Players In Watch Dogs 2's PvP And Co-Op Multiplayer Modes

Take the red pill (it's cyanide)

Ubisoft are pooping out all of their videogames news this week. Poopisoft. But then again, it’s Gamescom, so is everybody else. This time they’ve revealed details of multiplayer modes in Watch Dogs 2 [official site]. As long as your connected, they say, you’ll come across other players in the world. You can either team up with them, or do bad things to their phones while they’re not looking. It’s all kicking off in this trailer I’ve got down here. Follow me.

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There’s three modes happening here. Hacking Invasion is still there from the previous game, a mode in which you have to try and download data from another player's phone by being sneaky, staying close to them and not getting caught. But you can also fall prey to these nosey chumps yourself. Everyone is trying to peep at each other’s dick pics, basically.

Bounty Hunter pits up to three players against a another player all by themselves. In this case, even if you irritate the police as you play through the game by your lonesome, or cause too much havoc, you will earn “heat” and too much of that will put a bounty on your head, prompting gangs of players to come hunt you down. Co-op mode is more gentle. You can join any player you meet and carry out sidequests and missions together.

While I'm glad this installment has swung toward the style of Hackers and Mr Robot, I have never understood why the WaTcH_dOgS series is one that needed so many guns and explosions. The main characters are supposed to be hackers, so ensuring that they are also trained marksmen with a penchant for C4 and Kalashnikovs has sort of missed the point of using digital information and control as a weapon. It’s videogames doing videogames things, I know. But I can’t help feel Ubi keep missing the same trick. What do you think? Would you be happy just to hack the planet? Or are you somebody who simply must blow it up as well?

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