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Watch the Sonic Symphony 30th anniversary concert here today

Sonic's 20s sure went fast

The year of Sonic celebration continues with more presents and cameos and remasters for the blue blur. If your idea of a swell 30th celebration is more lawn concert than Olympics tie-in, hey there's one of those too. For his official birthday today, Sega have pulled together a big virtual 30th anniversary orchestral concert chock full of Sonic tunes with some other special musical guest appearances too. You can watch it live here below when it kicks off at 8pm BST.

Update: The concert is over now but you can still watch the whole thing down below.

Sega say that the Sonic Symphony event will be "featuring special performances by the legendary Sonic rockstars Crush 40, Composer and DJ Tomoya Ohtani, and others." You'll be able to watch on the official Sonic YouTube and Twitch channels when it goes live beginning at 8pm BST (12pm PDT).

I imagine the hedgehog heads out there have favorites they're hoping to hear while tuning into the concert. Favorite tunes from Crush 40 and Tomoya Ohtani, perhaps? Or maybe just a nice orchestral rendition of Green Hills Zone, eh? My own favorite Sonic bop is still Escape From The City from Sonic Adventure 2. Not sure that'll make it into the rotation, but hey, I'll be listening to find out.

If you'd not kept up with all of this year's Sonic reveals and game tie-ins and all, here's a few for you. During their Sonic Central from May, Sega announced the remaster Sonic Colors: Ultimate coming in September. They also teased a new, unnamed Sonic game game coming in 2022. Yup, on PC too. Oh, and Sonic has just sprinted into Minecraft too. Why not?

Happy 30th, blue boy. Get out there and run like it's 1991.

In case you missed it, here's that Sonic Central event with a bunch of other hedgehog reveals to celebrate the anniversary.

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