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We've Got Company Of Heroes 2 Screenshots

Remember how excited you were when we got two whole Company of Heroes 2 screenshots a couple days ago? Well, prepare to be roughly that excited again, because now we've got another two. That's still two more frames of actual gameplay than we got from spending time in the company of yesterday's trailer, though, so my anger tank can only fire so many shells. Regular tanks, however, can fire so many shells, as evidenced by the screenshots. And that makes me happy, only reducing the effectiveness of my wimpy rage cannons even more. Check out the other screenshot after the break for more madcap, happysadcap, rad backward cap action.

Well, OK - maybe not action in the traditional sense. Maybe not action at all. But man, look at the sun glinting off that ice. That's too pretty to blow up. If anything, there should be a lithe, mesmerizingly graceful skater pirouetting on it while the Nutcracker Suite plays in the background. The rest looks nice enough as well. It's nothing mind-blowing, but that's not generally what I play RTSes for anyway.

It would be cool to see a game really do snow right, though. I mean, Skyrim's was OK, but the whole world still felt like it was made out of plastic, and half its residents were not dressed appropriately for the weather at all. Once - when I was young and foolish - I cast aside all my dignity and tried Uncharted 2 on a consolebox. That, I must admit, was some profoundly gorgeous snow, and Nathan Drake's body language communicated that he was, you know, freezing to death quite effectively. Also, once it really started pouring down, battlefield visibility dropped dramatically. So, more of that, I guess, is what I'm saying. Snow! It's cold. And sort of wet. Discuss.

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