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What's the best trilogy of PC games?

Half-Life 1, Half-Life 2, and, uh, Half-Life: Alyx?

Hitman 3 is out later this week and if Brendy's review is any indication, it's great. He calls it "as capable and pleasing as its trilogy-siblings," and names the trilogy as a whole, "one of the most fun-loving games of the previous decade."

That got me thinking. What is the best trilogy in PC gaming?

There are only a few series which can maintain quality over the course of three consecutive games. Normally because games take so long to make that shifts in technology and game design principles cause series to change a lot along the way.

That doesn't mean there aren't obvious contenders, though. There's Mass Effect 1-3, for example, which tells a continuous story and lets you carry your decisions from one game to the next. Perhaps the ending of the trilogy spoils it all for you, though.

Maybe you're a Batman Batfan, and liked the way that series opened up from Arkham Asylum, to the more open world of Arkham City, to, uh, the barely playable mess of Arkham Knight. Or maybe you'd take the roughly one billion Assassin's Creed games and boil them down to just the three starring Ezio, as a set of charming neck-stabbers about a cheeky Italian and his famous pals.

Oh! Oh! What about Metro, which grew across 2033, Last Light and Exodus while holding on to its own special flavour. Or maybe you're yelling "Objection!" at each of these suggestions, a reflection of both your disagreement and your support for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, which was released on PC a couple of years ago to much renewed acclaim.

Me? I don't know. Spelunky/Spelunky HD/Spelunky 2 probably doesn't count, right?

Tell me what to think in the comments.

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