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When is the Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone Season One update released?

When can you play Season 1 of Cold War?

It’s finally time. Cold War and Warzone are integrating to form one single, beautiful progression system, allowing us to bring our pro play to the big leagues. As Gary Barlow once said, today this could be the greatest day of our lives. But when does the day begin? We’ll be getting that patch downloaded as quickly as possible, so here’s the release time of the Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone Season One update.

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Cold War and Warzone integration update times

The update happens between December 15th and 16th, depending on your time zone. Here are the various times the update goes live:

  • 11pm 15th December PT
  • 2am 16th December ET
  • 7am 16th December GMT
  • 8am 16th December CET
  • 12:30pm 16th December IST
  • 6pm 16th December AEDT

What’s in the update?

The new Black Ops Cold War update is gonna be a big one, integrating the Warzone progression system with Cold War’s Prestige system. Along with extra unlocks, like the Wakizashi and Sledgehammer, we’ll have all kinds of new guns playable in Warzone, so check out our guides for the best weapon loadouts. Full details can be found on the Activision site, but below are some of the most important things coming to the update.

  • New Operators, including Stitch
  • New Weapons, including the Mac 10 SMG and Groza Assault Rifle
  • New Modes, including Prop Hunt and Gunfight
  • Multiplayer Maps, including Raid from Black Ops 2 and The Pines, a new shopping centre map
  • New Scorestreaks: the H.A.R.P is basically the Advanced UAV from previous COD titles
  • Warzone Map: Rebirth Island added on launch
  • Mastercraft weapon blueprints

There’s a whole lot more coming, and we’ll be all over it ready to walk you through Season One of Cold War. While you’re here though, why not drop into the Warzone? We have all manner of guides on the mode, including the best Warzone guns. Maybe you fancy a bit of Zombies though? Well, look no further than our page on the best Zombies loadout for Cold War.

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