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Wild Hearts devs address performance problems, promise patches and DLSS/FSR support

Early trial has been not-so-happy hunting

Wild Hearts developers Omega Force are looking to lower the blades of disgruntled PC players, penning a Steam news update that acknowledges performance issues with the early trial of their Monster Hunter-y RPG.

"Omega Force are working continuously to improve performance and optimise the game for a wide variety of hardware specs across future updates", the note reads. It also confirms that support for both DLSS and FSR upscalers is on the way, and asks those who’ve found their hunts scuppered by dodgy performance to report their issues to EA’s support team.

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Wild Hearts doesn’t fully launch until tomorrow, February 16th, so there might be time to squeeze in some fixes. But indeed, judging from the experiences of myself, some of the RPS team, and various other players, Wild Heart’s 10-hour trial is mired in poor performance and technical annoyances. Both Liam and myself, playing on higher-end RTX 30 series graphics cards, have been met with an awful lot of stuttering, unattractively over-eager motion blur, and some strange bug that raises the brightness after changing display resolution. Ollie’s install has just been crashing constantly, and multiple Steam Deck owners have reported it’s effectively unplayable on the handheld as well.

There’s also the matter of simple low framerates on hardware that usually copes much better. My RTX 3070 can’t always hit 60fps at 1440p on the highest settings, which I know sounds like mewling privilege, but… I mean come on, it’s an RTX 3070! Omega Force’s post does at least refer to a specific CPU bottlenecking issue they’ve discovered, which will be causing at least some of the reported woes on certain “mid-high” gaming CPUs. This will apparently be patched next week, unfortunately not in time for the full launch.

I’m planning a lot more testing before I can give a full appraisal of Wild Hearts’ technical state, but Ed’s preview found that its blend of creature slaying and Fortnite-esque magical building does make for a pretty good time. All the more reason to hope it polishes up performance, then.

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