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Wild Hearts Mirror Stone locations: Where to find Mirror Stone

Here's where to go to find Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts

Where can you find Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts? As you progress down the upgrade tree for your chosen weapon type in Wild Hearts, you'll find that the required materials for each upgrade get more and more difficult to procure. Soon, you won't be needing common Corestone and Small Kemono Hide any longer, but rare and perilous-to-acquire resources such as Mirror Stone and Lightstone.

If you've been searching around Asuma for a while and haven't yet come across any Mirror Stone, we feel your frustration. As it turns out, you can only find Mirror Stone in one specific region of the map, and you can only travel to that location once you've reached a certain point in the main story. Below we'll explain exactly how to get Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts, and where to go to find it once you've unlocked the region in which Mirror Stone can be found.

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How to get Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts

Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts is found exclusively in Akikure Canyon, the fourth region you'll unlock in the game. To reach Akikure Canyon, you first need to complete Chapter 1 of the game's main storyline.

If you want to know exactly what to do to complete Chapter 1 and unlock Akikure Canyon for all your Mirror Stone needs, here are the main story bosses you need to defeat:

  1. Defeat the Kingtusk.
  2. Defeat the Spineglider.
  3. Defeat the Lavaback.
  4. Defeat the Gritdog.
  5. Defeat the Earthshaker.
The player in Wild Hearts looks up at a Mirror Stone embedded in a cave wall.

After the festival, you can speak to Toga-hime to reach Chapter 2. From this point you can open the main map and travel to Akikure Canyon, which is where you'll need to go to get your hands on some Mirror Stone for your weapons upgrades.

Wild Hearts Mirror Stone locations

Once you reach Akikure Canyon, the next step is to actually find some Mirror Stone. Fortunately, they're fairly easy to come by. Your best bet is to head down into the underground tunnels of this region, because Mirror Stone is plentiful down there and you're likely to come across at least 5-6 Mirror Stone without even looking.

From the starting campsite, the easiest way into the underground tunnels is to follow the main path up the steps until you reach the second Dragon Pit. From there, head right and you'll see a path that dips down into the mountain. Follow this path and you'll find yourself in the underground tunnels.

Part of the map of Akikure Canyon in Wild Hearts, showing the easiest access to the underground section of the region.

From here you can mine Mirror Stone to your heart's content. But be careful, as the underground tunnels are often populated with dangerous giant Kemono such as Lavabacks and Sporetails!

Now that you know exactly where to go to get Mirror Stone for all your upgrades in Wild Hearts, you should look towards your own gear to make sure you've made the best choices. If you want to know which weapons to prioritise upgrading, check out our guide to the best weapons in Wild Hearts. If you need help unlocking the later weapons, we've got you covered with our primer on how to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts. Or if you're sorted for weaponry but your armour needs some work, why not take a look at our Wild Hearts best armor guide?

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