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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus blasts launch trailer

Hitler's back

Though Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus [official site] will not launch until next Friday, October 27th, the launch trailer has arrived today to stake a claim on the next fortnight. As you'd expect, the trailer is full of Nazis being murdered and oh, I guess Hitler is back now too - in non-mecha form. Presumably he gets his face shot off later. Watch:

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Our Alec played an hour of The New Colossus last month and came away pretty excited:

"Clearly I can't speak to scale with only an hour of context, but it certainly seems to be striving for real pomp and verve so far, rather than simply going through established motions. Dramatic cityscapes, intense firefights, range of playstyles, plus there's upgrades I barely scratched the surface of, such as BJ's go-go-gadget pneumatic stilt legs that enable him to peek (or shoot) over high walls, or meet giangto-enemies eye-to-eye: it all comes across as big, and I pray it holds that line as its predecessor did.

"Even the idea of this new one trying to go bigger than a trip to a mecha-Nazi-occupied moon has me excited. Whatever does it have up those impossibly cool sleek leather sleeves?"

I know what I'm giving Alec in the RPS treehouse Secret Santa this year.

Wolfenstein II will cost £40/€60/$60 when it hits Steam on the 27th.

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