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Capture Tank Flag: World Of Tanks Domination Mode

Tank The Capture

World of Tanks [official site] is hardly a simulator, but if you fancy pootling around in tank battles that are a little more arcadey, you're in luck. Developers Wargaming have kicked off the free-to-play game's Domination event, which for one month adds a new mode that has tanks zooming around trying to capture flags, with respawning, repair and ammo pickup points, nae friendly fire, and a selection of swish Tier 10 tanks that everyone gets to choose from.

Tank Fortress. Capture Tank Flag. Tank The Flag. Tank The Capture. Capture The Flag With A Tank (Which You Drive As An Avatar In An Online Video Game Space).

As this here guide explains, Domination mode turns a handful of maps into CTF arenas. Your team needs to race out, grab flags, and get them back to your bases to score big points. Some maps have one flag to teams to battle over, while others have as many as six. Levels also have a sprinkling of pickup points that repair and refill tanks, though if you die you can respawn. Rounds are meant to last ten minutes or less, with a timer in case no team hits the points goal.

Offering everyone the same selection of kitted-out Tier 10 tanks also makes it class-based, really, as you can go speedy or shooty or whatever's most needed.

The mode will be available for the next month or so. Have a trailer:

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