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World Of Tanks Getting Gloriously Detailed Destructibility

Fresh gas in the tank

Destructo-porn ahoy! World of Tanks continues to be massively (almost bewilderingly) popular, but there's no two ways about it: its underlying systems are getting a little creaky. Thus, Wargaming is getting ready to oil up the free-to-play phenom's crunchiest gears by introducing large-scale destructibility. When shells hit buildings, they will crumble literally brick-by-brick. Unless they are not made of bricks, in which case they will crumble other-thing-by-other-thing. I haven't played World of Tanks in a bit, but I'm not gonna lie: this is pretty darn impressive. Take that, uh, Battlefield 4 I guess.

BOOM SMASH CLANG BANG. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimber! They blew it up! They blew it all up!

But seriously, this looks rather nice given World of Tanks' age, and it opens up some intriguing strategic possibilities too - especially once Wargaming starts designing maps around it.

The new vehicle physics are also deceptively impressive, by which I mean look at those tank treads. The turret destruction mechanic is weirdly fascinating too, if only because Wargaming clearly put excessive amounts of thought and detail into it. But then, I guess that's what happens when your game is about precisely one thing, and that thing is tanks.

These features don't have a concrete release date yet, but some will trundle into view when patch 9.0 hits. Who's ready to admire and then retire some glorious works of architecture with guns because videogames?

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