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Gunners For Goalposts - World of Tanks: Football Edition


Given its low media coverage, limited popularity and remote location, you might be forgiven for not knowing that the FIFA World Cup of foot-to-ball football soccer begins today. But it does - this very afternoon!

I guess someone at Wargaming.net must have fortuitously discovered the information while browsing Wikipedia, because they've found the time to put together a special Football Battles mode for World of Tanks to commemorate the occasion. It's exactly as it sounds: two teams of tanks do battle by firing at and shunting around a ball in an attempt to score goals against one another. There's a trailer below.

From now until Monday 14th July at 7am CEST, every World of Tanks player who logs in will have access to the T-62A SPORT, a fictional medium tank designed solely for playing football. The matches themselves take place in the fictional Himmelsdorf stadium, which is a pitch placed among the level geometry of the normal Himmelsdorf map.

I like it when multiplayer games run these time-limited modes to mark special occasions, whether it's Team Fortress 2's various Halloween events or the now annual (lest the internet become enraged)
Diretide and Frostivus events in Dota 2. It's a shame that the SPORT tank will vanish from people's accounts at the end of the event, as my TF2 pumpkin hat, though I can't wear it most of the time, is a reminder of the fun I had with it years back. That said, there are medal and XP rewards for those who take part and win matches, as outlined in the Football Battles post on the World of Tanks site.

Thanks, PCG.

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