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World Of Tanks' Solution To Balance Issues: More Tanks

We recently sent Brendan into the line of fire at Tankfest, and it resulted in pretty much the most amazing thing ever - which is significantly different from the normal result of sending one tiny human into a heaping herd of tanks (hint: horrible death). But there is also a game buried beneath all the harrowing war stories and tank puns, and it's actually a pretty good one! However, World of Tanks has, in its time, seen some fairly serious ups and downs in terms of balance, and Wargaming's not afraid to admit it. So patch 7.5 is aimed at knocking the lumbering tier 10 heavies back down to size - with more tanks. Mediums and tank destroyers, to be specific. Want to see a few of them? Of course you do.

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So it seems like the plan is to forgo nerfs - the quick, dirty, and often temporary cure to whatever ails a big competitive game - in favor of new toys. On paper, that sounds like a smart idea. But - and granted, I haven't played WoT in months - I remember quite a few flaws that were fundamental to the tier system itself. Or at least, the way tanks in different tiers got matched. Honestly, though, I need to fire the game up again and see where it's at. Once I found a couple tanks that really suited my playstyle, it turned out to be nice surprise - realistic and detailed, but definitely not a sim. So then, friends, neighbors, and countrymen, I ask unto you: Is WoT still fun?

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