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Yes, you can spacewalk in Starfield, and yes, I am trying to build an asteroid outpost

Witness Mary Read's fumbling efforts at orbital homesteading

The player spacewalking towards the surface of an asteroid in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda/RockPaperShotgun

Being a dedicated spacer I've never had much interest in the base construction aspect of Starfield, but that was before I learned that you can spacewalk by means of console commands, aka cheats. Reddit user WeirdConcern4666 made history on this front yesterday. Here's how you do it: 1) get up from the cockpit controls, 2) hit the tilde key to open the command console at the bottom of the screen, 3) type "player.setpos x 10" to teleport your character outside the ship, then hit return and 4) type "setgravityscale 0" to engage zero gravity and stop your character plummeting endlessly. Then hit the tilde key again to close the command console, and well, there you go.

Space sure is bigger outside a spaceship, isn't it? Just as well you brought that jetpack. If your vessel of choice is on the bulky side, like mine, you might need to increase the number on the end of "player.setpos" to escape the invisible barriers around your craft's exterior. Witness my character Mary Read's first attempts at a spacewalk below. If you've somehow discarded your jetpack, you can always punt yourself about with the recoil from an appropriately chunky firearm.

A spacewalk in Starfield with a huge asteroid in the foreground
The player's ship navigating  an asteroid field in Starfield
The player spacewalking above an asteroid with their spaceship visible in the top-left corner.
The player spacewalking towards the surface of an asteroid in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda/RockPaperShotgun

WeirdConcern4666 also alleges, without providing footage or screens, that you can build on Starfield's asteroids using the game's outpost tool. I've just tried this, and either I'm missing something or the redditor is telling porkies. Asteroids are only solid when you bash into them in a starship. Try it while spacewalking and you'll ooze eerily through, as when trying to manually fly to planets. Argh, it's got me! It's got me!

The view from inside an asteroid in Starfield, thanks to the magic of no collision detection.
The player clipping into an asteroid in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda/RockPaperShotgun

Still, it's surely only a matter of time before Starfield mod creators address this, and I'll finally be free to raise a homestead on some benighted boulder down Altair way. It's going to have a porch with a rocking chair, in which I'll huddle cradling my shotgun, while behind me, sundry members of Constellation toil away in the asteroid mines. Cheer up lads, I'm sure there's an artifact down there somewhere.

Oh, I should probably mention how to get back to your ship? Just fast-travel using the scanner view, or reload your game. Bear in mind, too, that faffing around with Starfield console commands disables the earning of achievements.

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