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Your favourite gaming mouse is down to $38 at Amazon

The Logitech G502 Hero is down to a historic low price

The Logitech G502 Hero is the mouse of choice for the average RPS reader, and today it's down to $37.99 on Amazon. That's some $42 off its MSRP and around $10 cheaper than it was just a few weeks ago. That's a great price for a staggeringly popular mouse that sports a dual-mode scroll wheel, 11 programmable buttons and a modern optical sensor.

The G502 Hero has a lot going for it, as we mentioned in the intro, which is why it's been one of our best gaming mice since Katharine reviewed it in 2018. Probably my favourite feature is the scroll wheel, which by default spins almost forever - which is brilliant for surfing the web or working on long documents. Press a button nearby and you'll switch the scroll wheel to an alternate mode, with chunky tactile clicks that's ideal for games where you're selecting weapons or changing between zoom levels with the scroll. It's the sort of thing that's immediately impressive, and makes you wonder why all mice don't have.

The buttons here are great too. As well as the standard assortment - left, right, scroll, back and forward - you get six additional buttons that you can bind to all sorts of functions, from macros to keyboard keys or DPI adjustments. The ergonomic right-handed design keeps these keys within easy reach, while the optical Hero sensor in the bottom of the mouse allows for accurate tracking even with quick flicks.

There's also a system for adding additional 18 grams of weight, if you prefer a mouse that comes to a stop quickly. With all weights removed, you get a mouse with a more moderate weight of 121g.

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All things considered, the G502 Hero is a comfy mouse with tons of buttons, a modern sensor and a mid to high weight. If that sounds like it fits you down to the ground, then picking it up at $38 is a heck of a deal.

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