Black Desert’s Character Creator Is Now Standalone

Black Desert [official site] is a Korean MMO that’s prompted a surprisingly large amount of excitement from the MMO players I know. That’s not entirely due to the character creator, but that is the main focus of my own interest, since it allows you to poke, prod, stretch and smooth each face in umpteen different ways, creating monstrosities like that above. Now you can do the same without needing to download the full MMO it’s connected to, as the character creator can now be downloaded and used for free as a standalone thing.

The release of the character creator comes alongside dates for the second and final closed beta, which will take place on February 18th. If you pre-order the game you get guaranteed access to the beta, but don’t do that because you don’t know if the game is any good yet. Instead, come the beginning of February you’ll be able to apply for a chance to access the beta for free.

When the game launches later this year, there’ll also be in-game microtransactions available to further grease the moneywheels. A recent post on the game’s forum broke down the kind of things you’d be paying for. It looks like cosmetic and convenience items can be bought with money alone, while those that affect mechanics more can be bought with either real money or a fictional currency (called ‘mileage’) earned through play. Hmm.

I experimented Black Desert during its last beta but didn’t move any further than its character creator. I found that to be impressive, though perhaps less so than I’d hoped. There are a lot of customisation options, but even with the ability to tweak nose ridges a dozen different ways it feels as if you’re dressing up a template rather than able to create something entirely new. The class of character you select will still ultimately determine the majority of how your avatar looks, with your tweaks either creating a broken monster or making minor changes to eyebrows.

Still, it’s pretty, it’s the most interesting part of the game to me, and unlike the game proper, you can download the standalone character creator now. Here’s a trailer:

And in case you forgot:


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    Great news!

  2. Wulfram says:

    Its 6 gigabytes if anyone is wondering.

  3. sillythings says:

    Finally, I too, will be able to create a game character and proudly exclaim: “Just like Bart!”

  4. Cinek says:

    Good idea.

    Ideally every MMO / RPG would release character creation in-before the game release, with an option to import said characters into the game once out.

  5. Stellar Duck says:

    I still prefer the char gen in EVE. Which this incidentally looks a lot like.

  6. Zankman says:

    This will be very useful… For Science!

  7. onodera says:

    The women are still mostly dressed as strippers. And they look like strippers in the trailer. They could have at least made them look like Instagram “fitness trainers”.

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      And what, pray tell, is wrong with strippers?

      • Premium User Badge

        Malarious says:

        Seriously. For a supposedly progressive website, I see so many commenters that have *extremely* backwards views about the sex industry… it’s very disappointing.

        • Rindan says:

          If the game was about strippers, it wouldn’t be annoying if all the women in the game were dressed like strippers. Seeing as how the game is about wandering around violently murdering stuff, maybe it would be nice if you could wear… I dunna know… armor.

          Put another way, I would also be annoyed if all the men had to run around in speedos or business suits. The problem isn’t that women shouldn’t be allowed to be sexy. The problem is that women should HAVE to sexy. If all that it takes to be progressive is sexy women, I can point you to some really progressive revenge porn sites.

          • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

            I get what your saying, but your analogy is slightly off, since men in video games are almost always gruff, muscular, simple minded Uncle Sam approved bullet monsters. Also (in my opinion) there’s nothing wrong with sexualising women or men. We are animals after all, and sex is a brilliant wonderful amazing thing, so why not have a bit of fun with it? I don’t feel that I have any less respect for women than I should just because I like do do a bit of knee-rubbing over the female form.

            TL;DR: bikinis and shagging are awesome, and women are splendid creatures

          • thelastpointer says:

            To be precise, this game is not about average women either. Actually, it is not about women, or humans, even. They are of the Default Videogame Character race. They are nice to look at, unconstrained by the laws of physics, biology, evolution, or decency. They have magic and swords and skeleton armies, and I have never, for a moment, thought that this is how a human should look like (hello, cosplayers!).

            You want to get offended? Check out Tera Online. That game has tit statues right on the city square.

            That said, I’m uneasy about the obviousness as how these things are made to appeal to horny teenagers, but I kinda accept that this is a business decision.

          • onodera says:


            “I’m uneasy about the obviousness as how these things are made to appeal to horny teenagers, but I kinda accept that this is a business decision.”

            You don’t have to accept this if you’re uneasy. Criticism worked on CDPR, for example. The story of Far Cry 4 turned out (somewhat) better than the dudebro’s power fantasy from Far Cry 3 after the writer of the latter was subjected to criticism.

          • Rindan says:

            I am all for the option to run around naked/sexy/whatever. It would just be nice if you could wear armor if you want to. It might be the fantasy of some women (and men) to run around in a bikini, but maybe some of them want to run around looking like a bad ass instead of a stripper.

            I actually feel very much the same about men. For my money, Saints Row 2 has easily my most favorite character creators of all times. Instead of being forced between a male body builder or a female model, you could make yourself look pretty much any way you want. I made my guy a short, violent, kind of ugly dude with a pretty striking resemblance to myself and absolutely loved it.

            If nothing else, always being forced to play a hulking pile of man muscle or stripper is just fucking boring.

      • onodera says:

        I doubt professional strippers would put on their “sexy paladin” costume if they had to go and do paladiny things. If that was a strip club management sim, I would mind if the women there didn’t look like strippers wearing fetish clothing.

  8. Unclepauly says:

    Oh god, I thought I’d never have to see them again, yet, here they are. :( Poor Sarah Jessica Parker doll brought to life by the hands of a reckless voodoo beginner.

    • Unclepauly says:

      I’ve never really felt sad for an inanimate object but I’m coming very close.

      • Unclepauly says:

        Correction – Animate object? Idk an edit button would make me less of an ass though.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Harlander says:

    I really think there could be money in licensing a top-notch character customisation thingy as some kind of middleware…

    • Sabbatai says:

      Such things already exist.

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      There are a few, Oblivion used FaceGen as a random example. People made a lot of celebrity face mods via the stand-alone FaceGen software.

  10. DORKSMAN says:

    It’s just like Bart.

  11. funky_badger says:

    I had the idea for a game that has a character creator, where you can make your character ugly, handsome, beautiful, tough etc, and then the game would react to this in various ways. A shallow premise I know, but it would add some meaning to the whole character creation schtick.

    • thelastpointer says:

      Problem: define ugly. Not a very easy task. (For a bonus achievement, do it without offending anyone.)

      • Kala says:

        Agreed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for sheer aesthetics it would probably be something along the line of facial symmetry and proportion.

        (Though while I’m keen for gaming to be many things, I’m not especially enamoured with the prospect of making a character and having the game shout “Oi! Uggo!” at me. There’s real life for that).

  12. drewski says:

    You do seem to need an account with them to actually get it to work, unless I’m missing something.

  13. dethtoll says:

    It finally hit me what the header image reminds me of: Toecutter!

  14. burpinator says:

    Your country is restricted from accessing our service.

    Aww, I at least thought they’d let me access standalone character creator.