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American Truck Simulator will tackle Texas after the Wyoming expansion

Load up for a trip to the Lone Star state

Last week, SCS Software announced that Euro Truck Simulator is headed east in the upcoming Heart Of Russia DLC. Over on this side of the Atlantic, American Truck Simulator is headed someplace big too. SCS have properly revealed their planned Texas expansion along with some photos of their current progress. The lone star state is a huge place, so you're in store for everything from beaches to deserts to landmarks across the state.

"From livestock to energy and aeronautics, Texas has plenty of jobs to keep drivers out delivering on the roads all year round," they say. SCS let on that you'll be visiting at least Austin and Houston in the expansion. It's been a while since I've been in Texas, but my memories are largely of the Escher-inspired highways at the heart of Houston. Hey Texans, has that changed in the last decade? If not, perhaps navigating that yarn ball is the attraction in a trucking simulation.

This here is their teaser for the upcoming Wyoming expansion, mind. Texas doesn't have its own video just yet.

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Similar to the situation with Euro Truck Sim's upcoming Iberia and Russia expansions, Wyoming is still next up for American Truck Sim while the Texas expansion is further down the road. Texas is still early in development, SCS explain in their announcement post. "Being one of the largest U.S states, it will bring its own challenges during the various stages of production," SCS say. "We cannot commit to a release date that is within the year."

In the meantime, you can find the Texas expansion over on Steam.

Here's a few more screenshots of Texas in progress to hold you over.

American Truck Simulator Texas - Cars drive through a city intersection.
American Truck Simulator Texas - A truck cab drives down a two lane road with fields and wind turbines in the background.
American Truck Simulator Texas - A five lane road with cars and trucks passes through a commercial area with palm trees.

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