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American Truck Simulator Reduces Fines, Adds Truck

What a beaut!

Today I spent 17 minutes watching a trucker give a tour of her truck's cabin, thanks to Adam. It's fair to say American Truck Simulator [official site] has filled us dreams of big skies and open roads, and I'm sure he wasn't at all saying "I wish I could be in this truck rather than here with YOU, ALICE. YOU."

For folks who also dream of a life on the road, developers SCS Software have added another place to call home. The promised Kenworth W900 is here as free DLC, a real beauty. An update making fines less punishing for new truckers is out too.

If you have American Truck Simulator installed on Steam, the Kenworth W900 should happily download itself automatically. Look at this beauty:

Watch on YouTube

As for the machinations of The Man, SCS explain in a blog post:

"Since ATS release, we have heard plenty of complaints regarding relative large fines in the game. Perhaps our tester group is so much experienced already; playing our games for years, that they did not bring it to our attention that this would be a problem especially for new players. We erred here on the side of trying to make this element of the game too close to reality, catering to the veteran fans who want it tough.

"On second thought, it's not really a good idea to intimidate people coming fresh to the game with crippling fines. Fines are now considerably lower in the early stages of the game, they grow larger only as the player's skill/level grows."

They've also given a little more time to respond to changes in the speed limit before The Man fines you and, say the patch notes, "Tweaked police offence probabilities for 'no lights' and 'speeding'". It has an option to outright disable traffic offenses now too. In future updates, SCS plan to add more speed limit signs and make a few tweaks to reduce AI drivers ramming into you (which gets you fined).

Hey, if you too dream of escaping me but don't have American Truck Simulator to pretend in, do remember that it has a demo now.

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