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One Day, Altis Will Be Yours: Arma 3 Footage

I love the disconnect of Arma 3. Look at the shot above. That APC is the IFV-6c Panther. You can tell it's a scary beast because it has all those letters in front of it, and there's that gun turret on top. And where have Bohemia plonked it? In front of a lovely sunset. It feels like a massive joke that got out of hand: "Can we recreate an incredibly holiday island?" "Yes we can. We can build beautifully a rendered Mediterranean island, with flatlands and rolling hills, tiny villages and huge cities." "Great! Now let's fill it with hulking war bastards and blow shit up." And so they did. They're so proud of it that they streamed an hour of their new island this weekend, and I have embedded it like an unexploded bomb. Except you may approach this.

It's an hour long, showing off Showcases, the mission builder, the land, and a drone quadcopter that I'm going to name Choppy. I can't wait to sit in the grass and zip around with him as we take a break from WAR! And while the game is being released on September 12th, Altis will hopefully be on the development build for players "around Gamescom".

Watch on YouTube

I love these developer sit-downs. Bohemia have shown a lot of the game off, probably more than Splinter Cell, but it just feels like they're sharing it with everyone and not trying to sell it. Though I guess if you're watching it live (like I did), you don't need the game sold to you. You're already there.

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