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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Kephallonia: how to complete the side quests

The island of Kephallonia is where you start your journey and there's a lot of stuff to do on such a tiny island. While side quests may seem not worth doing at first, they're a good way of fast-tracking your experience at such an early stage. This guide will go over the main side quests for Kephallonia and how to complete them.

Kephallonia side quests guide

If you want to explore a different region, head back to our Assassin's Creed Odyssey side quests guide for a full list of the different regions. Alternatively, there is also the Assassin's Creed Odyssey guide for everything else this massive game has to throw at you.

Hungry Gods

Head into the cave the man is sat outside to find a shrine. Head to the back to find a crack in the wall, leading to a bandit camp. There are a couple of elite bandits here, but kill them all and obtain their loot to have proof that these men are no gods. Return to the man outside the cave and he'll believe you.

Mercenary Work

This one is as easy as hunting two wolves, which are very easy to find and kill, before delivering their pelts to a merchant in the village. It's the only side quest from the bullet-in board in the main settlements of the island.

In the Footsteps of Gods

You're tasked with finding the Spear of Kephalos in a nearby cave. From where the Priestess is, there is a small cave to the right of the temple. Sneak in, and take out the four Level 5 goons inside. Looting them will net you the Spear. Return to the Priestess to complete the quest.

Lumbering Along

Talk to Drucilla about her bandit problem and she'll direct you to a caravan that was attacked not long ago. Investigate the area, paying particular attention to the corpse nearby, the empty cart, and the footprints to determine where the bandits went. You'll find them on a nearby beach. Kill all six of them and steal some wood from the treasure chests as a memento to return to Drucilla as proof of your deed.

A Small Odyssey

As you explore the Odysseus's Palace, you'll find a young woman imprisoned in a cage. Free her, killing any enemies she encounters while she fights her way out, and she'll ask you to come with her on her quest. If you've already killed the enemies along the way, it should just be a short run to the place she seeks. Disappointed with what she finds, you will then need to escort her to her boat, which again can just be a simple run if you killed all the enemies prior to starting the quest. After a quick conversation, which you can flirt if you so desire, you'll go your separate ways.

A Fight with Talos

A dangerous mercenary called "Talos the Stone Fist" has taken the bounty to take your head after the cyclops put a hit on you for stealing his treasure. You'll eventually come across him on the island, so make sure you're prepared as he will hound you night and day until one of you dies. He does have one unblockable string of attacks that's highlighted with red before he swings. Make sure you dodge this as it deals a lot of damage. Doing this will unlock the side quest "They Just Want Cruelty", but you don't need to worry about that for now.

A Ship Came Sailing

Davos will ask that you save his brother who has been captured in the dock below. You'll find him in a cage close to the docks with an armed guard. Dispatch them and upon being freed, he will ask for you to escort him to Davos. Just follow him until he is reunited on top of a building and up a hill.

The Blood Fever

Phoibe will be your quest giver here, informing you that the nearby town of Kausos has been victim to the plague. She mentions that a priest is going around burning the town and killing the survivors. When you arrive in Kausos, on the western side of the island, you'll find the priest and his three goons about to slaughter a family. He'll claim the family need to be killed to stop the spread of disease. The family will plead for their lives. Should you let them live, the priest and his stooges will attack you. Once they are dead, head back to the family to either accept or decline a reward, but there will be dire consequences for letting them live. Should you allow them to die, you'll save the island from further catastrophe, but at the cost of human life.

Shark the Vagrant

A couple will ask you to retrieve a necklace from the southern part of the island, near the Ancient Ruins of Kranioi. The submerged Islet of Zeus is where you'll find three sharks circling the area. Upon approaching you'll likely be attacked by at least one. Thankfully melee weapons work underwater, so smack the shark before it eats you. You can take out the other two either underwater, or by firing arrows at them from the pillars that barely escape the water. Get the necklace and bring it to the couple for a reward.

That's all the side quests for this region. Head on back to our Assassin's Creed Odyssey side quests guide for more information about another quest-line or another region's set of side quests.

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