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Assassin's Creed Valhalla deploys hotfix for early quest bug and plans more fixes later this month

Bugs stabbed and quests patched

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has slashed through its release date, but some of you may have had trouble off the bat with progression through an early quest blocked by a bug. A Seer's Solace has been fixed, Ubisoft say, with fixes for other quest bugs and known issues coming later this month. So find some solace in that then, eh Eivor?

Ubisoft have now begun a thread on their forums to track reported issues players are seeing in a central location. Among them is the quest A Seer's Solace, which is apparently early enough in the game that they'd previously been advising folks just to spin up a new save game instead of waiting around for a fix.

No need to do that now. Ubisoft say they deployed a server-side fix for this quest bug earlier today. "Please fully close the game application for the fix to become active," they say. "We also highly recommend to attempt the completion of the quest immediately upon loading your savegame."

As for that thread of reported issues, it looks like there are quite a few quests that players are reporting progression-blocking bugs in. There are 11 of 'em on the list so far, including The Sons of Ragnar, Settling Down, and A Prodigal Prince. They're also maintaining a full list of known issues, which was last updated on November 11.

They say you can expect to see fixes for some of the items on that list in the next title update, due sometime later this month.

As big games do, Assassin's Creed Has been grappling with some early stumbles. Some folks were waiting over 24 hours for their digital copy of the game to show up in their library. Achievements for the game seemed to be missing as well, though Ubi say those are coming.

Less all that, Alice Bee reckons in her Assassin's Creed Valhalla review that it's a pretty enjoyable game. She explains in that video up above that her favorite thing about it is how the series has continued to trust players more by not overburdening them with quest markers.

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