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Black Friday sales have slashed the RTX 3080 GPU back down to £700 / $700

Half the price of some RTX 4080 models, and still great for 4K

Two years on and I’d more or less forgotten what a fairly priced RTX 3080 looked like. Yet on the eve of Black Friday 2022, a couple of early deals have presented that most elusive of sights: Nvidia’s best graphics card for 4K, down to a perfectly reasonable £700 / $700.

Fellow trackers of GPU prices will note that’s still slightly above the RTX 3080’s RRP/MSRP, but since no other card has been ravaged quite so thoroughly by the recent hellstorm of component shortages and price gouging, £700 / $700 is downright affordable by its own standards. Besides, these sales put the RTX 3080 nearly $1000 less than some versions of its newly launched replacement, the RTX 4080 – and it will still comfortably handle anything you throw at it, 1440p and 4K alike.

I should highlight, mind you, that the Newegg listing for the US is a pre-order; the graphics card model itself won’t release until December 14th. Though for what it’s worth, that’s less than three weeks, which shouldn't be too patience-testing. I had a mate on an RTX 3080 waiting list for the best part of a year before he snapped and bought an RTX 3090 instead.

UK deal:

PNY GeForce RTX 3080 Revel Epic-X- £700 from Ebuyer (was £800)

US deal:

Maxsun GeForce RTX 3080 iCraft OC - $700 from Newegg (was $940)

Upgrading to what is technically a last-gen GPU usually carries some concerns, and skipping the new RTX 40 series (not to mention AMD’s Radeon RX 7000 cards) is a big call to be sure. The RTX 3080 doesn’t currently support DLSS 3, for example. But at these prices, the RTX 3080 does significantly undercut every single one of the announced new-gen GPUs so far, while still having the muscle for high-quality graphics at demanding resolutions. It’s therefore still worth buying, at least until Nvidia or AMD produce a new, lower-cost GPU of similar ability. And that could take months.

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