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Boku No Roblox codes [February 2024]: Redeem these codes for free Cash

Here is the full list of Boku No Roblox: Remastered codes

Looking for the latest Boku No Roblox codes for free in-game Cash? Boku No Roblox is, as the name hints, a Roblox experience inspired by the popular anime and manga series Boku No Hiro Akademia (also known in English as My Hero Academia). In order to make your character as powerful as they can be in Boku No Roblox: Remastered, you'll need lots of Cash to buy better weapons and other useful upgrades. By far the easiest way to do this is by redeeming Boku No Roblox codes.

These codes are just words or phrases that you must enter into the code redemption box in-game to earn free rewards. Below I'll show you how to redeem these codes.

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Boku No Roblox codes list

Last checked on: January 2nd, 2024

  • ThanksFor570k!: Free Rewards
  • InfiniteRaid!: 50,000 Cash
  • 1MFAVS: 25,000 Cash
  • echoeyesonYT5K: 22,000 Cash
  • newu1s: 50,000 Cash
  • M1rk0b0ss: 50,000 Cash
  • Sc4rySkel3ton: 25,000 Cash
  • StatpointReset: Stat Reset

How to redeem Boku No Roblox codes

It's pretty simple to redeem Boku No Roblox codes. First, launch Boku No Roblox: Remastered in Roblox. Once you're in the game, click the "Menu" button to the left (under your health bar), then click "Option" and then "Codes".

Enter codes one at a time in the text box at the bottom in order to earn free Cash.

A screenshot from Roblox game Boku No Roblox: Remastered, showing the screen where codes can be redeemed for free Cash.
This is the screen where you can redeem Boku No Roblox codes for free Cash.

Expired Boku No Roblox codes

After a while, codes will expire and can no longer be used. Below is a list of expired Boku No Roblox: Remastered codes to avoid confusion:

  • 300MVISITS
  • bl4ckwh1p
  • cl3ss1A
  • d4bi
  • DessiNoRevamp
  • HallowDessi2020
  • m4ihats8me
  • man1f3st
  • mhaseason5
  • mrc0mpr3ss
  • newyear2021
  • sh1ns0
  • sp00ky
  • th4nky0u

That's all there is to redeeming codes in Boku No Roblox: Remastered. If you're more interested in tricking out your overall Roblox character, be sure to also check out our list of Roblox promo codes and free items. Or, if anime-inspired Roblox experiences are your thing, be sure not to miss out on our dedicated codes pages for King Legacy and All Star Tower Defense.

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