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Cod Blops 4 fiddles with Blackout player counts

They blop up-tiddly-up-up, they blop down-tiddly-down-down

How many boppers would Blackout ops rock if Cod Blops could rock lots? Well, that depends on the mode. Following the launch of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 last week, developers Treyarch are still fiddling with its flagship battle royale mode, Blackout, and yesterday tweaked playercounts. Four-player squads have gone down from the classic Plunkbut count of 100 players to 88, while the duo mode nudges up to 100. I have heard complaints that 'Quads' mode was too chaotic, so removing three squads from the field sounds helpful. Treyarch say they're still tinkering.

"While we test out different maximum player counts in Quads, we're boosting Duos from 88 to 100 per match on all platforms," Treyarch said in yesterday's announcement. "Let us know how hunting down an extra dozen targets out there feels in Duos."

They added, "We're continuing to update various game settings to ensure the best experience for all players across all platforms and modes."

They listed a number of PC crash fixes in yesterday's update too, though our Matt says he's still having crash troubles. He's bopping away so he can tell us all wot he thinks of this year's multiplayer-focused serving of Cod.

I've had Twitch superstar Shroud's Blackout on the go in the corner of my screen while working this week, and I... do want to play Blackout, but still don't want to pay £50 just for this mode. I may be tempted if Activision lay out a good-lookin' plan for updating and expanding the blopping. Though I frown remembering it'd cost me an extra £30 for the season pass. Ah, I don't know. MATT. I NEED FIRM OPINIONS.

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