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Call Of Duty: Warzone's new map is out tonight, with some big changes

Let's not forget the gun tweaks and DLSS too

During an ordeal of a live event to usher in Season 3 of Call Of Duty: Warzone, it's original map Verdansk was nuked. And while the reworked map doesn't go live until tonight, some players managed to sneak in and see how it's changed. My first impressions? Looks pretty nice, honestly.

Login to Warzone right now and you'll find Season 3 is live, but there's a countdown timer to 8pm tonight, with the new Verdansk being off-limits until then. Still, during the live event last night, some players discovered that they could access the new map early by hopping into a private match. It wasn't long before Raven Software shut this down, but there's plenty of footage still out there.

First thing to note, it's still Verdansk, but there appear to be four new areas: Summit (previously Dam), Salt Mine (previously Quarry), Array, and Factory. Many other locations have been rejigged too, including the popular Superstore and Stadium. Even out the way spots like Farmland have seen some tweaks.

I simply typed in, "new warzone map", into YouTube and was hit by a wall of videos all showcasing the reworked Verdansk. I've picked this one out as it's filled with excitable - bordering on hysterical - chatter, and a fairly strong look at these new spots.

On top of the slew of reworked locales and new locations, I'm liking the reworked colour palette too. Things aren't quite as grey and brown anymore. I mean, at one point in the video above there are cherry blossoms! Pink?! And the sky has this blue/green hue to it which adds a touch more atmosphere.

The Season 3 patch notes also show many, many tweaks to weapons and attachments. Most notably, the FFAR, M16, and AUG have been nerfed once again, while weapons hardly anyone used like the AK47 and QBZ have been buffed. I hope this provides a much-needed meta shake-up.

And Nvidia DLSS has been added to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. If you've got a GeForce RTX Graphics card, you can enable it in the options menu for both games to squeeze some extra performance out of your rig - especially if you play at 4K resolution.

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