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Capcom's Project Resistance looks a bit like Left 4 Dead with Resident Evil zombies

This looks familiar

I've always thought Capcom displayed surprising restraint in not just making a Left 4 Dead rip-off when Valve's game was tearing up the zombie game scene. It looks like their restraint may have run out, judging by today's announcement trailer for the "team-based survival horror experience" they're currently calling Project Resistance. The video shows Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo and three other regular folks wandering together through a zombie lab, battering and blasting different classes of undeadniks unleashed upon them by some manner of director. How the actual game plays may be quite different but, for now, it's looking potentially pretty L4D-y.

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My mind instantly jumped to Left 4 Dead but I suppose it could equally be a Dead By Daylight dealio with a player-controlled bosszomb, or a bit like Half-Life 2's Zombie Master mod, or something entirely different. All I feel comfortable saying for certain is it has a team of humans and some zombies, and they fight.

Project Resistance will be in Capcom's booth at the Tokyo Game Show, which starts on Thursday, so we should hear more soon.

Capcom's multiplayer Resident Evil spin-offs have sometimes been interesting in weird ways. 2016's Umbrella Corps was a third-person cover shooter pitting teams of mercs against each other with zombies ambling around mostly as background colour - unless someone shot your Zombie Jammer masking your presence, in which case they'd come right for you. A weird and interesting thing. 2012's Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City came closer to L4D but naw, was still its own (not great) thing. I live in hope that Project Resistance is something similarly unfamiliar. Though hopefully a bit better.

Whatever it is, Project Resistance is coming to PC (via Steam) as well as Xbone and PS4.

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