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Cassette Beasts gets even more Poké-like with an update adding caves and a unique monster

Plus an expansion and multiplayer on the horizon

Eight pixel people run across the town in a screenshot from Cassette Beasts
Image credit: Raw Fury

Just when I thought my longtime love/hate relationship with Pokémon (and all of its off-shoots) was over, the recently released Cassette Beasts pulled me back down the rabbit hole. The newest creature-collectathon is only getting better, though, as developer Bytten have announced a new expansion and an upcoming multiplayer mode. In the meantime, you can check out the 1.2 update called Catacombs which is out right now.

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The Catacombs update adds a healthy pocket of new stuff including ten new moves and eight new beasties: three remastered forms, four all-new beasts, and one “secret unique monster.” That extra secret monster might be the one teased in the trailer above, moodily standing still in the new (and also very secret) abandoned mine location.

Shadowy underground cave with crystals, hidden end-game location housing high-level threats, and a brooding mystery monster waiting at the end? I’m getting strong pre-birth flashbacks to Pokémon Red & Blue and the Cerulean Cave, which gave us an intimidating confrontation with Mewtwo. How much further will the similarities go? Will the new legendary beast have a tragic backstory? How about an inspirational monologue about the gift of life? One can only hope.

Multiplayer isn’t part of the update, sadly, but it is in development and will support up to eight friends who you can battle, trade, and go on raids with. Meanwhile, the team were more tight-lipped on the upcoming expansion aside from the name: Pier Of The Unknown.

In her Bestest Best review, our Katharine called the game a “thinking person's Pokémon - the kind that caters to those lifelong Poké peeps who are now in their 30s (and have been wishing Pokémon would grow up alongside them).” It sets itself apart from Nintendo’s RPGs with a nostalgic art style and the ability to fuse two beasts, creating some funky half-and-half designs.

Cassette Beasts is usually available for £17/$20/€20 on Steam, but it’s currently 20% off as part of Steam’s Summer Sale. Or you can play it on Game Pass.

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