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Civ 6's Digital Deluxe Edition adding extra DLCs

How rare!

The 'Digital Deluxe Edition' of Civilization 6 [official site] is to receive some extra little DLC packs for free, publishers 2K announced today, which is jolly surprising given that the game has been out for six months. 2K say that it wasn't good enough value, so they're making it better. And yup, folks who've already bought the Digital Deluxe Edition will get 'em too. Digital Deluxe Editions of games tend to strike me as cheeky ways to exploit fandom, offering trinkets and baubles in exchange for an extra £10 or £20, so it's weird to see a publisher actually care about whether one is good value or not.

Civ 6's DDE (as all the cool kids call them) costs £20 more than the regular edition (a.k.a. 'the reg'), in return offering the soundtrack and four DLC packs - a sort of season pass. These four DLCs have added extra civilisations, with their own unique leaders and units and whatnot, along with new scenarios. Bought separately, those come out at £21.46 so the DDE is hardly a bargain considering some DLCs haven't been great and you can't pick-and-choose the ones you actually want.

2K now say they're going to throw in another two future Civilization & Scenario Packs, which "will introduce three new leaders representing civilizations from Africa and Southeast Asia," into the deal. Assuming those packs follow the same price scheme, that'll be another £7.98 of Civ.

"It's important to us that wherever Civilization fans live around the world, that the Digital Deluxe edition provides a great value," 2K say in today's announcement. "We saw that prices with certain currencies didn't live up to the savings we're looking to deliver," they explain.

I don't know if it was great value in any currency before but another £8 of Civ does make it better value.

Those two Civ & Scen Packs (kids and their lingo!) are due "in the coming months."

In the meantime, Civ 6 has a 33% discount in a sale on Steam for the next week. That makes it £33.49/40,19€/$40.19 for the reg and -- I wouldn't usually even mention this -- £46.89/53,59€/$53.99 for the DDE.

Firaxis have kept patching Civ 6 since its launch in October 2016, most recently with the Spring Update in March. Its changes including fiddling with warmonger penalties and the AI. Still some work to be done!

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