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Co-op puzzler Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy comes out on August 31st

Busy months ahead

Three heroes ride a giant, purple hedgehog through greenery in a screenshot from Trine 5
Image credit: THG Nordic

Publisher THQ Nordic have announced that Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy is coming out in the middle of a big game tempest on August 31st. The co-op puzzle game promises to be the longest and most challenging entry in the series' history and reunites our three lovable heroes: Zoya the thief, Amadeus the wizard, and Pontius the knight. Developers Frozenbyte marked the news with a character trailer, reintroducing the famous knight and his refreshed abilities. (Re)connect with Pontius below.

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For such a heavy-suited knight, Pontius is surprisingly nimble, isn't he? His classic sword and shielding looks useful when it comes to squashing foes, solving physics-based puzzles, and moving around the world quickly via shield surfing and… shield gliding? I’m usually more partial to the wizard/mage/witch class in games, but Pontius’ stomping skill set is calling out to me.

Pontius’ newfound versatility seems almost too nifty if you ask me, as if he could solve a previous Trine game’s puzzles all on his own. But Frozenbyte's marketing manager Kai Touvinen has told RPS that the team “tailored the puzzles to fit both single player, with difficulty settings, as well as co-op play”. That means certain puzzles are tweaked, expanded, or streamlined depending on your settings, and Pontius’ flexible abilities might seem stiffer on harder difficulties.

With their reputations tarnished at the start of Trine 5, our heroic trio are up against a new mechanical clockwork threat who are doing typically evil things here like seizing the kingdom. This newest entry adds more skills for every character, as well as more puzzly physics elements such as fire, air, light, magnets, and electricity.

Trine 5: Clockwork Conspiracy comes out on August 31st for PC via Steam and GOG.

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