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Coo! Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Raven can be turned into a pigeon

Coo, blimey.

Ravens are pretty cool, I reckon. Lovely, massive, terrifying crows. But how often do you even see 'em while traipsing out in the English countryside? No, it's flockin' pigeons all over the place. Thanks to an Amazon Prime reward, Assassin's Creed Valhalla will let you represent Britain's unofficial national bird, transforming Eivor's graceful fluttering pal into a blank-eyed flying rat.

Extra skill points if you shit on a Saxon's head? If only we could be so lucky.

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Okay, yes, so you'll need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber before you go off nicking chips from English monks. But while I have no love for the service, the Carolignian Dynasty Pack does, at least, come with a good deal of shiny new armour and weapon skins, a boat paint-job and a new horse. That, and the ability to turn your trusty raven Sýnin into a pudgy little pidge.

It's an awful cute wee bird, too. Unfortunately, it's just a visual change. Unlike the eagle reward available through Ubisoft Connect, Sýnin's voice hasn't been changed to a pleasant, pigeonly coo'ing. That's the kind of shoddy work that'd keep a poor dove out of gaming's all-time coolest pigeons - be they Battlefield 1's sombre messengers or the promiscuous pigeons of Hatoful Boyfriend's aviary date 'em up.

Still, roaming the English (and Norwegian) countryside as a stout little dove should make for a nice break from all that hacking 'n' slashing - and is sure to cut a fair bit of time off your three-hour walk across the game's map. You'll need your Prime and Ubisoft accounts to be linked, and your new feathered friend should be available as soon as you log in after claiming the reward.

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