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Counter-Struck: Tactical Intervention Out This Month

Counter-Strike will probably outlive us all. It will also probably keep bunny-hopping onward long after we've disposed of all terrorism and achieved glorious grievance-free utopia. There will be no counters or strikes. Only Counter-Strike. So it's exciting to hear that the implausibly enduring formula's original creator has decided to revisit it, and the fact that his new game, Tactical Intervention, is actually gonna be playable is pretty neat too. But when? And how? Turns out, the answers are a) this month and b) on the very personal computing device (presumably) sitting before you. The greatest anti-terror weapon of all, however, isn't guns or drones or bombs disguised to look like good ol' freshly made American apple pie. It's knowledge, and you'll find tons more of it after the break.

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First up, Joystiq's hosting a special closed beta, which kicks off on March 4th. After that, there'll be an open beta from March 14th to March 25th, and then everything will briefly go dark in preparation for launch. Tactical Intervention will then infiltrate every corner of these here Internets on March 28th, F2P and proud.

As you can see, big additions include vehicles, riot shields, environmental destruction, and (sadly not in the video) puppies! Well, OK, dogs. But all dogs are puppies. Everyone knows that. It all sounds quite nice, though calling Tactical Intervention a revolution, I think, would be a major stretch. But it seems to be Counter-Strike with some fresh elements that'd have rabid CS players flinging froth every which way, and that's certainly an intriguing prospect.

Also, I feel like we need more games with dedicated over-the-top car/helicopter chases. Not dumb scripted single-player ones, either. I want to feel the way Vin Diesel does every time he hears the faint jingle of a key. Oh, I also want a goofy talking dog sidekick. Hopefully, in time, Tactical Intervention will be able to provide both.

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