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Crimsonland devs going zapping again with Tesla Force

Follow-up to Tesla Vs Lovecraft

Shmup shpecialists 10tons have announced a new top-down shoot 'em up, Tesla Force: United Scientists Army. It's a follow-up to 2018's Tesla Vs Lovecraft, pitting Tesla, Lovecraft, Curie, and Shelley against yet more spooky hordes in a "rogue-lite" way with procedurally-generated levels. I know, I know, it's not 2012 anymore, but 10tons know their shmup shtuff. They're also behind Crimsonland, Jydge, and other zappers that are quite zim-zam. Here, have a peek at Tesla Force in the announcement trailer.

Zap indeed. Off we'll go across a procedurally-generated map of procedurally-generated levels, blasting baddies with weird weapons, customising our characters with perks, and making lots of colourful explosions.

The last time we had a good look at a 10tons shooter was 2017, when our former John (RPS in peace) fashioned a wig from stainless steel pan scourers to play a deadly cybercop in his Jygde review:

"Byt gosh it's fyn. It's ytterly ridicyloys, bombarding yoy with new items like nothing else, jyst constantly asking yoy to go have some fyn. 'How aboyt trying that level with this?!' Okay! 'Now this!' Syre thing! And that's enoygh."

That is enoygh.

Tesla Force is due to launch on February 21st, 2020. A Steam page is already up, and 10tons say "other platform details will be announced later."

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