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Damnation: Exclusive Artwork, Compo & Chat!

You may remember a couple of weeks back we were overwhelmed by the depths of enthusiasm in a press release for Codemasters' Damnation. It seems our mocking was taken in the best of humour, and Codies got in touch with us offering a chance to speak to the man responsible, PR Man Sam Cordier.

"Only if you give us some exclusive assets and a compo prize!" we replied, with our signature arrogance*. Well, they've finally broken and given us some Damnation art work you won't find anywhere else. Click on the pics for full size versions.

Right, so if you want yourself a copy of Codies' Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, you can win it by emailing us the best 15-word max sentence celebrating Rock, Paper, Shotgun with as many superlatives as possible. (Include your address and real-life name, all rules we make up apply whenever we think of them.)

And read on for one of the most hard-hitting, cut-to-the-bone interviews you're ever likely to read.

RPS: What's the most excited you've ever been? (That wasn't related to promoting a game).

Sam Cordier: Probably every time I pick up a new gaming console. I'll never forget when I bought a copy of Street Fighter 2 for the Super NES and I couldn't afford to get the console until a few weeks after that. I had the game sitting on my desk and I'd look at it everyday, begging my parents to relent and help buy me the console. When I finally got it, I was insanely excited - and probably spent the next few days playing it without any sleep. I still lost to my brother who was always better than me…

This is the only one that's a proper exclusive, technically, but don't tell anyone.

RPS: Which is your favourite Michael Bay film, and why?

Sam: Transformers… cause it brought those fabulous toys/cartoons that we used to play with as kids to life. Plus it had great special effects! How cool do they look in the fight scenes?!?

RPS: Er, worse than anything else we could ever have imagined, or drawn with a crayon. If you had to pick between flying, and firing fireballs from the palms of your hands, which would you chose?

Sam: Flying. Every day.

RPS: Who would win in a fight between Jane Austen and Florence Nightingale, and why?

Sam: Florence Nightingale. She’ll probably use her medical knowledge to pinpoint exactly where she can do the most damage. Although, it’s not a fight I’d pay to see…

Hide your Droids.

RPS: So go on then, tell us why Damnation is going to be more enthralling than the other 30,000 action games we'll be seeing in the next year. You're not allowed to use the word, "huge".

Sam: Can I say vast then? Damnation takes all the best bits from games like Prince of Persia, Gears of War and takes place in VAST streaming environments where the sense of scale is literally vertigo inducing. It’s also got loads of weapons and incredible vehicles, with which players will be able to pull off awesome stunts. There’s simply nothing else out there like it and on top of it all, it’s graphically superb and the story will blow you away.

RPS: Finally, could you write us a press-release-style comment for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, in what is surely now your infamous style?

Sam: Rocking the internet with its eclectic collection of news, reviews and all things gaming, Rock Paper, Shotgun is proud to announce a whole new set of concept art from the HUGE forthcoming super-game, Damnation!! ; )

RPS: Why... you... we oughta...

*This is all a horrible lie - Codies offered it to us out of the kindess of their hearts

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