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Stabbo! Dark Souls III Patch Tweaks Balance

Something for the weekend

Hallo there! Planning a spot of Dark Souls III [official site] this weekend, are we? Here, things might have changed a bit since your last go. From Software pulled a patch on Monday to fix hitches and freezes it caused, then re-released it on Wednesday, then today brought a brand new patch. This new one is mostly a balance patch, but does also improve matching for players in the Blue Sentinel and Blade of the Darkmoon covenants - good news if you want to scrap this weekend?

So, the patch notes are about as vague as ever. From Software are getting better at saying what they're targetting with balance tweaks but still struggle with the how. Are the Washing Pole and Moonlight Greatsword getting better or worse? Are those scythes penetrating shields more or less? How much FP do spells cost now?

As the No Frills Twins sang, God bless the Internet. Those die-happy folks on the DS3 subreddit have tested weapons and shields to come up with all sorts of numbers.

Other folks compared before/after costs for spellcasting too. Thirty-odd spells, miracles, and pyromancies are cheaper now, some by quite a bit, while two are more expensive. A good day for wizards!

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