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Dead By Daylight Gets '80s Clobber In First Paid DLC

Better than paid items?

Am I the only one who feels mocked by Millennials? While I work hard to pay for my car and house, Millennials swan around taking selfies and buying vintage clothes. Hey, I know you're thousands of years old, but could you at least pretend our lives are more than a blink of an eye to you? Must you disrespect all the pitiful idols we cling to? You see me and simply imagine buying my clothes from a charity shop after I die.

They're at it even in Dead by Daylight [official site]. The 1v4 multiplayer slasher 'em up's first paid DLC is now out, and it's a load of '80s-inspired clobber for its Millennials to wear. Sorry, I'll be more specific for you ruddy eternals: the 1980s. CE. The 1980s CE.

This isn't a huge bit o' news but it is a relief to see the first DLC is purely cosmetic, not giving fun new weapons, items, or such to folks. Given that Dead by Daylight is published by Payday 2 owners Overkill, well, it could've been worse.

Nope, 'The 80's Suitcase' simply contains a selection of garments including tiger-stripe leggings, a letterman jacket, awful jumpers, and ugly slacks. As '80s-ish games clothing goes, it's surprisingly unexaggerated - many games go hard on kooky blown-out neon. £1.70/2,69€/$2.69 is its price on Steam right now.

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A new update launched alongside the DLC on Friday too, patch 1.1.2. It adds a load of new perks (or Offerings, Power Add-Ons, and Item Add-Ons, whatever!) and introduces cosmetic variants of weapons for the killers. Also, plenty of bug fixes and all that.

Though Behavior tout this update as having "all the improvements to the matchmaking and the lobby experience", a fair few players are reporting they still find it buggy. Behavior have responded that it's intentional that waiting times are slightly longer, to get a more precise match, but some of these bug reports sound beyond that. Hmm!

Perhaps Behaviour can spin that as commitment to the source material - of course horror movies are supposed to get worse with 'improvements'. Look at what happened with Jason Vorhees. Though for this to work, they'll eventually need to commit to sending... themselves into space? Sending the dev team into space? And they'll need to scrap with the people making that Friday the 13th multiplayer game? I'll be honest: this metaphor has gotten away from me.

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