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Dead Island DLC Expectedly Delayed

When Dead Island's Bloodbath Arena DLC was announced I jested that it might be delayed 'til 2017. Well, I'm guessing we'll see it before 2017, but the content has indeed been delayed. Rather than concentrating on finishing up the horde mode and extra equipment that the DLC's set to offer, Techland are concentrating on squashing the bugs in the core game. Releasing a game with technical issues is no good thing but at least they're working to fix things, which is far more important than shipping what sounds like a fairly negligible expansion. Using my powers of sarcastic clairvoyancy, my next prediction is that the recently announced Dead Island movie, if it does ever materialise, will not in any way resemble the video below.

There are some fun things happening with Dead Island mods already. Far more fun than the DLC sounds, to be honest. Something about the game makes it perfect for pulling apart and reconfiguring, and that may even be partly thanks to the fact parts of it feel as if they're still under construction.

It also seems to be a game with which some people are running into far more bugs than others. What kind of things are you encountering, or has your experience been fairly smooth?

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