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Death Stranding coming to PC on June 2nd with a wee Half-Life crossover

Screw a Valve valve into the head of Norman Reedus

Kojima Productions will bring Death Stranding to PC on June 2nd, PC publishers 505 Games announced today. The falling-over simulator debuted on PlayStation 4 in November 2019. The PC version is getting some nice little extra features, as well as a few weird Half-Life bits. I think Norman Reedus can wear Gordon Freeman's glasses, a little red Valve valve on the back of his noggin, and a headcrab as a hat? See for yourself in the trailer below.

The PC edition of Death Stranding will have a photo mode to take nice landscape pictures and goofy portraits, the option of lovely high framerates (well, if your PC can power them), and support for ultrawide monitors. And some unplumbed amount of Half-Life "content."

505 Games don't detail the extend of this crossover so it could just be Gordo's glasses, Ian Valveman's valve, and the headcrab. I wouldn't be surprised if The Crowbar appears too? I tell you what you, I would very much welcome the option to replace Norm's bottled baby with a diddy Dr. Kleiner. Oh no, what if the headcrab is Lamarr?

I'm keen to have a go on Death Stranding when it comes our way. I know some PlayStationeers were disappointed when all the mystery lifted and it turned out yes, Death Stranding really is a game about trying not to fall down hills, but I'm well up for that. I love a good walk and a nice bit of balancing. I'm only disappointed in what I've heard from PlayPals about it having some boring combat. I don't want fights. I just want to lay ladders, build roads, and try not to fall down hills while Hideo Kojima's celebrity mates ham it up.

Death Stranding is coming June 2nd to Steam and the Epic Games Store, priced at £55/€60/$60.

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