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Declare your allegiance in the website wars with new RPS merch

The shirt off our back

You may remember a while back that we dipped our toe into the sea of merchandising, and we have now decided to roll our trousers up and wade a bit deeper in. To this end, we now have a brand spanking new Teespring store! Check out the wares we have currently on display.

Come for the high quality wearables, stay for the item descriptions. My favourite (on both counts) is probably the classic logo tee, modelled in the header image (actual fit may vary). It is a very lovely shade of amethyst, and is described thusly: "What's green and purple and proclaims your interest in reading about PC games? Not an aubergine with "I like reading about PC games" scrawled on it, as you might imagine, but this fetching classic T-shirt".

We also have a hoody and a white tee with the fearsome PC Goliath, fighting the triplet gladiators of Rock, Paper and Shotgun - representing the staff's daily struggle to best the beast of PC games.

The Goliath appears on the back, which means if you walk backwards at someone they'll think you're really tough, but anyone approaching from the front will be fooled into thinking you're normal.

All the items can be used as a makeshift sling for hurling rocks, or to staunch blood from flesh wounds, for when you inevitably get into brawls with people who like other, inferior websites.

We'll be periodically adding new stuff to the store from now on (possibly even seasonally themed things!), and not just bits of cloth to wrap around your torso. What is a PC site without a range of mousemats, for example? And Alice Bee has been hammering daily on Graham's virtual desk for an extensive line of "You Don't Have To Be Alice To Work Here... But It Helps!!!!!" goods. There's no telling what we might be able to get past him.

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