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Destiny 2 will finally blow The Almighty out of the sky today

It's about damn time. After months of preparation, Destiny 2 is ready to blow up The Almighty, the massive Cabal spaceship that's been threatening to smack The Tower all through this season. The fireworks kick off in a few hours - and in a new move for Bungie, it sounds like you'll be able to watch the calamity as it happens in what may be Destiny 2's first live, in-game spectacle.

Season Of The Worthy is about to draw to a close - but before it does, there's the issue of the Cabal's artificial asteroid to deal with. After smacking them good during Destiny 2's launch campaign, the last stragglers of the armoured turtle brigade chose to hurl their sun-eating spaceship at Earth.

All season long, Guardians have been tasked with ensuring our very-trustworthy military AI pal Rasputin has the firepower to pop it out of the sky. At least, when they're not fighting each other over bragging rights or breaking out to Shaxx's hot mixtapes.

Today's the day, then. The Seraph Towers are charged (with a little manipulation from Bungie), and thanks to the exploits of some time-travelling guardians we know that the Earth probably isn't going to blow up. It sounds like it'll still be a hell of a show - and, in a first for Destiny 2, it may be happening live on-screen in a similar manner to Fortnite's extravagant events.

While unconfirmed, Bungie employees have encourages curious players to remain logged in during daily reset at 6pm UK / 10am Pacific. I s'pose you'll just have to log in and see, won't you?

(Cheers, Eurogamer).

Once the dust settles on The Almighty, we've a few days reprieve before Season 11th kicks off on Tuesday 9th. Bungie will also be revealing Destiny 2's next expansion that day. If we're hearing things right, then the next chapter of Destiny is bringing the Darkness centre stage after years of lurking just behind the curtain.

As far as today's concerned, though, just make sure you're wearing sunglasses. The sky's about to get awful bright.

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