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Disney Epic Mickey touches down on PC with improved controls this September

Warren Spector platformer was a Wii exclusive

Mickey Mouse runs from some pursuing enemies in Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed.
Image credit: THQ Nordic

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is bringing the cult classic 3D platformer to PC, with updated controls and graphics, more than a decade after its original Wii-exclusive release. Now it has a specific release date: September 24th.

Epic Mickey was the work of Junction Point Studios, where the project was led by Warren Spector, best known for working on the original Deus Ex. The remake is being handled by Purple Lamp and THQ Nordic, but Spector makes an appearance for the release date trailer:

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed release date trailer.Watch on YouTube

Disney Epic Mickey stars Mickey Mouse as he's sucked into a crumbling world filled with forgotten characters from the Disney back catalogue, such as Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. Armed with a magic paintbrush, players have the power to change the world around them, re-painting some parts and rubbing out others. The story then changes to adapt to your playstyle.

Rebrushed recreates the artwork for modern resolutions and moves away from the Wii's motion controls, but also expands Mickey's moveset with a "dash, ground pound and sprinting".

Spector was thrilled by the remake back when it was announced earlier this year. He's currently at Otherside Entertainment, working on his own unrelated projects, which he says makes his ever working on an Epic Mickey 3 all but impossible.

I'm quite looking forward to giving Rebrushed a try when it launches later this year, anyway. It's not like there's an abundance of ambitious 3D platformers to play.

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