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Do you want to be a speaker at this year's EGX Rezzed?

If you work in games, we want to hear from you

Are you a studio manager with tales to tell about how your team conquered crunch? Are you a freelance game artist with tips about how to stay sane while working from home? Are you a writer who can't stop sharing anecdotes about working with voice actors, a struggling indie dev ready to be frank about where things went wrong, or any other games industry person with lessons to impart?

Then you might be the type of person we're looking to speak at this year's Rezzed Sessions at EGX Rezzed.

If you've never been, the Rezzed Sessions are billed as 'GDC-lite'. They attract an audience of indie developers, aspiring creators, and interested players who want to hear stories about the game development process. As I've tried to convey above: it can be about anything to do with games, as long as it's interesting and people want to hear about it. It can be funny and entertaining, it can be informative and technical, it can be all of those things at once. For examples of Rezzed Sessions from previous years, check out the EGX YouTube channel.

How to submit your session idea

This year, we wanted to open the submission process for presentations to anyone. If you work in games and have someone to say that other people can learn something from, we want to hear from you. Head to this form for more details and to submit your idea.

The talks themselves don't always have to be you presenting on stage on your own. We also host panel discussions where we'll get three or four people on stages to chew over a subject, or we can sit you on stage with someone from the RPS team who can ask you questions. Whatever the case, each session is also livestreamed, and there's usually time for some questions from the audience at the end. Speakers aren't paid, and each person involved in a session will get a 3-day pass for the show.

EGX Rezzed runs this year from April 4th-6th at the Tobacco Dock in London, and is filled with games to play before they're released, insightful developers sharing stories, and a lot more. RPS will be there in force as always, hosting sessions, livestreaming games, and running our room of custom controllers. More on all that later. Tickets are on sale now over at the EGX Rezzed site.

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