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Dominions 6 will vie for 4X godhood once again later this year

Promising UI improvements

Dominions 6 is in development and is expected to release "at the end of the year." The low-key announcement was made on Steam's Dominions 5 discussion forum, with designer Kristoffer Osterman saying that the next iteration of the fantasy 4X would have "more changes than any previous version, both mechanics-wise and UI/QoL-wise."

"We would like to announce that development of Dominions 6 is well under way," writes Osterman in the post. "We expect the game to be released at the end of the year.

"The game is already in good shape and most major changes are implemented, but we intend to add more stuff in the upcoming months."

There's no Steam page for the sequel yet, but one "will appear shortly where more details will be presented."

The Dominions games aren't pretty, but they're deep, dense turn-based strategy games in which you select or create a wannabe god and then command armies of followers to lift you towards glory. They're also fantastic story generators. Dominions 5 was released in 2017, but the last we reviewed was Dominions 4 back in 2013. It gives a good sense of the flavour of the experience, as Adam (RPS in peace) at one point hires a sorceress who "loses less subjects during cross-breeding rituals, thereby creating more freaks."

While the announcement is as thin as they come in terms of detail, I am intrigued at the prospect of changes to the user interface and quality-of-life issues. Much like certain other strange, engrossing story generators, the Dominions games are not typically easy to play, with rudimentary art, fiddly menus, and a lot of micromanagement. Any progress on any of these things is good news.

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