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Dying Light 2 roadmap and DLCs: all the post-launch content we know about so far

All the DLCs, events, challenges, and more that have been announced for Dying Light 2

What DLC has been announced on the Dying Light 2 roadmap? Dying Light 2 is due to release on February 4, 2022, but the developers at Techland have already unveiled an ambitious plan that will see the game receive support and regular updates for at least five years post-launch.

Techland haven't laid out their plans all the way through to made-up future year 2027 in minute detail just yet. However, a roadmap for a series of updates and add-ons informally titled the "Start of the Journey" has been unveiled, laying out the content planned for the game between February and June of 2022.

As yet, it's unclear whether Techland's estimate that it will take you 500 hours to complete absolutely everything in Dying Light 2 is inclusive or exclusive of all this planned post-launch content. Either way, though, safe to say you'll have plenty to be on with.

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Dying Light 2 roadmap: what can we expect in the first six months?

An infographic released on the Dying Light 2 Twitter page has teased over five years' worth of content updates, with a more detailed roadmap of content anticipated for release between February and June 2022:

Here are the confirmed releases so far:

  • 4 February 2022: Dying Light 2 launches on Microsoft Windows for PC, alongside current- and last-gen consoles (except for the Nintendo Switch, which will get it sometime later this year).
  • February 2022: A free DLC described as "factions-inspired".
  • March 2022: A free update with the working title "set of challenges 1".
  • April 2022: A free series of events called "Mutated Infected". The roadmap notes that these events start in April, suggesting that they may be time-limited, but also hinting that they'll at least stick around beyond the first month.
  • May 2022: A free update with the working title "set of challenges 2".
  • June 2022: Dying Light 2's first story DLC, which also represents the first paid add-on post-launch.

As you can see, titles and exact release dates are thin on the ground at the moment, but there's a clear intention to keep the game going with monthly content updates. From July 2022 onwards things are a lot more vague, but we'll keep our timeline updated as we learn more.

Dying Light 2 roadmap: what's next after June 2022?

After the first paid story DLC in June, Techland's plan becomes much more mysterious. However, they have confirmed that the future of Dying Light 2 includes the following updates and add-ons further down the line:

  • A second paid story DLC.
  • Further free updates adding more weapons, enemies, stories, and events.
  • More DLC content, both free and paid.

There's also the intriguing promise of "much more", which can cover just about anything, really — and with at least five years to fill, I'd be surprised if even Techland know exactly what they plan on doing every step of the way. Why not speculate wildly in the comments? I want to know all your most left-field crossover theories!

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