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Dying Light Does The Tedious CG Trailer Thing

You know how Dead Island dev Techland can't resist pairing zombies with CG trailers and dismally sad twists even though their games aren't at all about the latter two things? Well, they've done it again, though I will admit that Dying Light seems to have clambered into the Realm Where Gameplay Dares Not Tread with a bit more of its overarching concept intact. Running! Jumping! Thwacking with objects that weren't designed with thwacking in mind! You'll find all of that Mirror's-Edge-meets-zombies action with a shiny, cut-heavy makeover after the break.

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Oh, and of course, the twist. Our parkour-powered hero thwacked so many undead lives away, and yet in the end, someone else thwacked him just when his goal was in reach. The thwacker became the thwackee. It's basically Shakespearean.

Here, for the uninitiated, is what the Dead Island developer's latest is all about:

"Welcome to the unforgiving world of Dying Light, where a city devastated by a deadly outbreak has become a battleground. As day turns to night, survivors race to a cache of supplies, but the pulse-pounding free run is only half the battle. Staying alive through the night, when the infected become even more deadly, is the real challenge."

Bonk and run. It's the only way. Also, why are worlds always so unforgiving? Why can't they just, like, let it go, you know? We all make mistakes. If you ask me, worlds just need to learn how to deal.

Dying Light will be out sometime next year. So, that's parkour down, but what will the gaming industry combine with zombies next? I'm hoping for Farming Simulator. Desperately.

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