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EA Games is dead, long live EA Entertainment and EA Sports

It's in the name

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EA are cutting themselves down the middle, with EA Games and EA Sports now making up two separate units, and the former getting a rebrand. From now on, EA Games will be known as EA Entertainment, which really doesn't have as good a ring to it (no one's going to be quoting "it's in the entertainment," any time soon are they?). The name change does imply a broader expansion into more than just games, but it's obviously a bit of a wait and see kind of situation until EA show off something that isn't a video game.

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Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, announced the shakeup in a post that had been originally shared with EA employees. One of the other big changes is that Laura Miele, who's been with the company since 1998, is now president of EA Entertainment, technology and central development. "She will oversee key studios, empowering them with more creative ownership, while continuing to lead central technology and development services to drive execution and operational efficiencies," writes Wilson in the post.

Miele will be working alongside other notable names like Respawn's Vince Zampella, who "will lead the world-class studios responsible for Apex Legends, our Star Wars games, and Battlefield," and Samantha Ryan, who "will remain focused on leading lifestyle franchises and blockbuster single-player experiences," i.e. titles from developers like Maxis (The Sims) and BioWare (Mass Effect, Dragon Age). On the EA Sports front, Cam Weber is still leading the charge, now appointed as president of the division.

It doesn't sound like all that much will be different, with Wilson explaining the change as one that empowers EA's "studio leaders with more creative ownership and financial accountability to make faster and more insightful decisions around development and go to market strategies."

He also touched on how cultural and generational trends are "continuing to expand the definition of games beyond play to new modes of watch, create and connect," which makes again sounds like the name change to EA Entertainment is about being more than just video games.

These changes will be made "over the coming months," so enjoy the classic EA Games name while it lasts.

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